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If you’re like most people, your computer is your life. It stores all of your important files and memories and you rely on it to stay operational day in and day out. So what happens when something goes wrong and your computer crashes?

All of your data is suddenly inaccessible… and panic sets in.

This can be a huge headache, especially if you don’t have a recent backup. But don’t worry, the ITShop can help and if your PC, Mac or external hard drive has let you down, we’ll recover your data and save those precious photos, music and documents.

We offer cheap hard drive data recovery services that can get your information restored in no time. We have years of experience in the data recovery industry and know how to handle even the most complex cases.

We specialise in affordable data recovery services from:

Hard Drives

Solid State Drives (SSD)

USB Flash Drives

SD Cards

If your disk is faulty or damaged, you should stop using your computer immediately. This will prevent further damage and allow better data recovery so if you think your hard drive is failing, it’s best to bring it to us right away to avoid risking further loss.

We’ll have a look at the problem and quickly assess how likely it will be to recover your data successfully. In some cases, there can be a quick and simple solution done on the spot which might even be able to avoid wiping and reinstalling everything on your computer!

Our technicians have a wide range of strategies to call upon and if needed we’ll be able to recover your data by temporarily repairing your damaged hard drive and then transfering the files to a working hard drive. All done promptly and for the best price on the coast.

Understanding What Causes Hard Drives To Fail

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Hard drive failure can be caused by a variety of factors, ranging from physical damage to data corruption. Whatever the cause of the problem is, our reaction is usually the same. A sense of panic and then questioning how to fix the issue. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of data loss, specialist data recovery advice is essential. Attempting to address the issue yourself without experience or the required recovery resources can make professional data recovery efforts more challenging.

Hard drives can fail for a number of reasons. Here are some of the most common issues we see and what you can be on the lookout for.

Physical Damage

Hard drives are delicate pieces of technology, and they can be easily damaged by water, heat or shock. Water can cause corrosion, short out circuits and damage sensitive data storage platters. Heat can cause expansion and contraction, which can damage data tracks and make data difficult to read. Shock can cause data platters to become misaligned, making data difficult or impossible to access. If you have a hard drive that has been damaged by water, heat or shock, it’s important to seek professional data recovery services as soon as possible. These services can help to minimise the damage and increase the chances of recovering your data.

Logical Failure

Logical failure occurs when the data on a hard drive becomes corrupted or unreadable. This can happen for a variety of reasons, from virus attacks to physical damage to the drive. Once data is lost due to logical failure, it can be very difficult (or even impossible) to recover without professional help. Data recovery services use sophisticated techniques to try to salvage as much data as possible, but of course, it’s important to take measures to protect your data, such as making regular backups.

Electrical Problems

Hard drives can also fail due to electrical problems and power surges and spikes can damage the circuitry of a hard drive, causing it to malfunction. If you’re experiencing thunderstorms or other severe weather, it’s wise to unplug all external hard drives from your computer to avoid potential damage. If your hard drive has been damaged by an electrical problem, it’s important to seek professional data recovery services as soon as possible. Only a trained technician will be able to properly assess the damage and determine if data loss has occurred.

Inadequate Ventilation

When a hard drive overheats and there’s inadequate ventilation, the data stored on the disk can become corrupted. This can lead to data loss and, in some cases, permanent damage to the hard drive. If you suspect that your hard drive has been damaged by inadequate ventilation, it’s important to seek professional data recovery services as soon as possible. Only a trained technician will be able to properly assess the damage and determine if data loss has occurred. Make sure that your computer has adequate ventilation and that the fan isn’t blocked or restricted.

Mechanical Failure

Hard drives are susceptible to a variety of mechanical failures, including head crashes and failed spindle motors. Head crashes occur when the read/write head of the hard drive comes into contact with the spinning disk, causing data corruption. Failed spindle motors can render a hard drive unusable by preventing it from spinning up. Both of these problems can be caused by physical shock, excessive vibration, or component wear. To reduce the risk of data loss due to mechanical failure, it is important to handle hard drives carefully and keep them well-protected from physical damage.

Common Warning Signs Of Hard Drive Failure

There are a few warning signs that your hard drive is almost ready to fail. If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to back up your data as soon as possible and consider using data recovery services. One common sign is data corruption, which can manifest as files that won’t open or aren’t readable. Another sign is strange noises coming from the hard drive, which could indicate that the internal components are starting to fail. Also, if your hard drive is taking longer than usual to access data or files are taking longer to save, that could be a sign that the hard drive is starting to fail. Finally, the ‘blue screen of death’ is a telltale sign you may have experienced before and indicates something is not right. If you notice any of these signs, don’t wait to take action – the sooner you back up your data, the better.

If you need affordable data recovery services and hard drive repairs on the Sunshine Coast, give one of our friendly techs a call now or use the contact page to send us a message!

And, if you only require your files transferred to another device, go to our data transfer page for more information.

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